Shape up for Summer!

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Sun, sun, sun! The first few days of some glorious warmth and bright light always help lift the spirits and have us looking forward in the hope that we will be in for a long, hot summer where we can consider having our shorts, t-shirts and bikinis come out of hibernation.

Are you lusting after that (too small) summer dress or smart suit in your favourite shop? Do you want to be dancing at 2am to a local band rather than dropping through exhaustion?

But what of your body? Will you enjoy getting to the beach or park and exposing your flesh? Are you the shape you want to be? How fit and healthy do you feel?

If your answers are ‘No’, ‘No’ and ‘Not very’ then it’s maybe time to try and make a change.

Losing weight and toning up is possible, it just takes a little commitment and not just wishful thinking.

One way to kick-start a new regime is to list all the reasons you want to shape up and write them down.

Mark down your weight, and at the outset, set yourself realistic goals. There is no point in shedding half a stone in one week by starving yourself as a lot of the weight loss will be fluid and muscle that you are losing and not fat. About 2lb of weight-loss per week is perfectly acceptable.

You might not like the numbers the bathroom scales are greeting you with now, but as your exercising progresses and as you lose those extra pounds you will be pleased to have a visible record of what you have achieved.

We are always looking to assist our members in achieving any health and fitness goals at Coastside Fitness and have some special ‘Shape up for Summer’ promotions in May to help people take those first steps in getting the beach body they’d be happy with. These include Woman’s day Wednesday where any lady non-member can use the gym for £1, lunchtime Group Cycling classes for £1 and Personal Training sessions at only £10 for ½ hour or £15 for the hour.

Remember also that if you are exercising a lot, progress could seem slow as you put on muscle which replaces the weight of the fat lost. So instead of focusing solely on weight, look at your shape, and ask yourself whether your clothes feel looser. It could mean the difference between giving up and living with your old self for another year, or staying motivated and having a healthy, energy-filled summer.