Exercise Trends and Personal Fitness

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These days the new, new thing in fitness seems to pop up faster than you can say “Fitbit”. In fact most years, there are new trends in fitness such as Spinning, Zumba and Pump to name but a few. Some last longer than others and some seem to be more effective, making them last longer than a "trend."

But what exercise to do?

Research these days tends to indicate that HIIT (high intensity interval training) where you train in burst and recover cycles will help you get fitter faster. This kind of exercise is considered the holy grail for improving strength, speed and endurance and can burn more fat calories than training at a lower “fat burning zone” intensity.

So should we all now look to push ourselves to the max every time we think of pulling on our joggers?!

Well, that depends on each individual and what your reasons for exercising are.

There is no doubt that if you are looking to become more athletic, help improve performance in sport or work out as hard as possible in as short a time scale available and still achieve results then this form of exercise is a definite winner.

However, overdoing it can lead to serious injuries, including exertional rhabdomyolysis which is the breakdown of muscle tissue into the bloodstream which can be a problem of trying to do too much, too hard and not being ready for it.

This is when exercising in an environment with trained professionals, who can give you guidance becomes a major benefit or taking a further step of having a Personal Trainer can come in really useful.

Personal training started as an elite service that only celebrities had access to, along with their chefs and their maids but this is no longer the case and now more and more people have access to this kind of expertise.

In addition research shows that having support is one of the keys to long-term success on a weight loss or fitness program

So if you’re looking to get caught up with a fitness trend, or find a gym to join where you can tap in to fitness coaching with a knowledgeable trainer who will help you incorporate different kinds of exercise techniques then come down and see us at Coastside Fitness in Cobbold Road where the team will be ready to help.