Why Join a Gym?

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A lot of people struggle to make it to a gym often piling up a list of excuses to stay away. If you’re one of these individuals, then let me provide you with 5 good reasons to join a gym.


1. Will release anti-stress hormones and relax you.
2. Burns calories and helps you lose weight.
3. Builds muscle tissue, which makes you stronger, protects your bones and helps burn body fat.
4. Will help you with many illnesses and potential health problems such as high tension, blocked arteries, skin and digestive disorders.
5. Keeps you fit and feeling young while helping your posture, stamina and overall well-being.

At Coastside Fitness we also strongly believe that above all exercising should be enjoyable. There are clearly a number of positive health reasons to join a gym but if you don’t feel comfortable or enjoy going then these alone may not give you the encouragement to dig out that unused gym kit.

We like to think of the Coastside Fitness gym as a fun and friendly environment to exercise in where you will be surrounded by people pursuing similar goals as yours while being supported by staff that take a personal interest in all our members, providing help and encouragement when needed or just a friendly chat to make you feel comfortable in an unusual environment.

You’ll have the option of having a programme tailored to assist you in reaching your specific goals with regular reviews that can help maintain you on your path to fitness success.

All you need to do is to give us a call or come and see us to get started.

Remember, the best way to start is to "start".