Time for the gym?

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So the summer holiday season is over, the kids are back at school or university or you might have gone back to work and the thoughts of happy lazing in the sun has already become a distant memory.  As the darker nights creep in and you find yourself back in a routine of 101 chores that are needed to be done every day you might find yourself wishing that you had a little 'you' time and also being a little fitter would be beneficial as you find yourself breathing a little heavily carrying the hoover up the stairs!

So why not try a gym?

Over the summer we had a refurb of our Coastside Fitness gym and made it look even better than it was before and it's been really appreciated by our existing members of which there's a lovely variety of.

As I look at our gym now there's a couple of ladies on the cross trainers, two middle aged men doing free weight based exercises, one girl running on the treadmill, two boys on the cable machines and one older gent on the resistance based machines and I realise we have the kind of gym that I always wanted and love being a part of, one where I really enjoy being in every day whether working or working out. It's completely inclusive, it doesn't matter if you're young or old, male or female, super fit or just starting out.

Think of it as a social activity where you can meet other like minded people, laugh and have fun while lifting weights instead of downing shots! And on the plus side you'll be getting strong enough to get that flaming awkward cork out of your favourite bottle of prosecco just in time for Christmas if nothing else!