Discover how we have helped our members with their testimonials and success stories.


"Since joining Coastside I have lost 2 stone and feel great!  Very friendly gym and I love coming!"

Mark S

"Very friendly gym with lots of great equipment - I have been coming for years and wouldn’t miss it for the world!


"I have been a member of Coastside, for both gym and classes, for years - and I love it.  As a "senior", it is a firm part of my weekly routine, as the social side is lovely and the physical side makes such a difference!" 

Dennis and his story of Achievement

“I love being part of the friendly Coastside Fitness community, with their very helpful staff - as well as the results I have got from being a member. I now have so much more energy, sleep better and feel better than I have for years!

Thomas and his story

"I moved to Felixstowe just a few months ago. I had not been to a gym since before lockdown. Joining Coastside was one of the best things I have done for a long time!

I love the friendly, expert staff, the other members and the whole atmosphere here. It is a real fitness club Community, in a terrific location and with a fantastic light space. Great equipment and vibe - I cannot recommend it enough!"

Fin and his story

"The results I have got at Coastside speak for themselves. Their equipment is quality. I also love their free weights room and the atmosphere here."

Sid and his story

"Since joining Coastside Fitness I have put on nearly two stone of pure muscle - which has really helped me on the rugby pitch!  The Coastside Fitness free weights room - and their equipment - is "sick"; and I love it here!”

Pattie & Peter

If like ourselves (pensioners) you want to try and stay healthy and stronger in your latter years, you should really think to join a friendly gym such as ours at Coastside Fitness. You will be made very welcome by the experienced and friendly staff at a very reasonable cost.